Artificial Intelligence Changes Everything in the Security Industry

During my years at Dell, we would share what we serendipitously found in the way of a good read. I thought I’d continue that practice, sending your way, if you haven’t already discovered it, Kai-Fu Lee’s book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order. It’s a fascinating read – particularly his insight that, “AI will be to the 21st Century what electricity was to the last…and Data – the oil that drives the generator.” Just as nineteenth-century entrepreneurs applied the electricity break-through to cooking food, lighting rooms and powering industrial equipment, today’s AI entrepreneurs are doing the same with the deep learning of artificial narrow intelligence (ANI). Lee’s insights were incisive and inspiring – a clarion call of caution mixed with an articulate voice of hope and encouragement. Having straddled both China and U.S. cultures, his insights into the mind and practices of these largest global markets were eye-opening and even-handed. He explains the fundamentals of Neural Networks and Deep Learning in a way that were easy to grasp and presupposed little in the way of any prior mathematical understanding.

In the Deep Learning of AI, we’ve found that proactive capability we wanted to advance many years ago.  We knew if we could determine the pure genomic state of the benign files that make up the Internet, we could detect malicious anomalies and preempt them before they could hurt us. We just needed technology to catch up with the idea. However, just as predicted 50 years ago by Thomas Kuhn in his book the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, we’re seeing the dawn of a new day where AI’s machine learning and advance mathematical algorithms now offer validated deflection rates, pre-execution, in the realm of 99 percent[…] Read more »..