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An Executive Level discussion on the Banking, Finance, Insurance & Fintech Cybersecurity Landscape

No industry is exempt from cyberthreats, but Banking, Finance, Insurance & Fintech specifically are more susceptible than others. IBM reports that, in 2021, finance was the second-most attacked industry, narrowly lagging behind manufacturing. And in an industry where consumer trust isn’t easily given but is easily broken, fintech companies can’t afford to toy around with cybercrime.

The best cyber defenses aren’t formulated in a vacuum, and companies could do well to learn from each other. To that end, Lacework is inviting you to join a roundtable, featuring multiple security executives. During this time, you will gain perspective on the challenges and solutions unique to these different companies, as well as similarities on dealing with cybersecurity issues.

In this roundtable, you will gain:

  • A more full perspective of the evolving cybersecurity landscape in BFSI & Fintech
  • Visibility into what is most concerning industry leaders
  • Empathy towards other IT & IT Cyber Security professionals


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Event Speakers

Eric Adams
Field CISO

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Eric lives just outside of Boise Idaho with his wife and family. Eric started his professional career at HP in Boise in 1996 working many security roles. Most notably in 2013, Eric started building the FedRAMP Fortify SaaS cloud for HP, which he completed with FedRAMP JAB authorization in 2015 (note:now MicroFocus owns Fortify). This consisted of building a huge amount of system security plan documentation and upgrading security controls to meet FedRAMP standards then passing third party audits and finally training business sales teams to sell it to government agencies.

Eric then went to IBM as the FedRAMP Strategist for IBM Watson and Cloud with 30 SaaS applications for FedRAMP readiness and automated the process to build the system security plan package in a few weeks rather than months.‌

Most recently Eric has built and lead worldwide teams as a CISO over the last 5 years, building security technology to meet business risk and pass audits for SWIFT payment, ISO 27001, SOC1 / SOC2, and PCI compliance at fintech Kyriba from 2018 to 2021, building a global security team from 2 people to 20, and then fintech http://MX.com from 2021-2022.

Eric can often be found when not working on weekends traveling to watch his children’s sporting events of football and basketball, also he enjoys golfing, skiing, and riding horses with his wife Meredith and the rest of his family.

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Walt Carter
Chief Digital Officer & CIO
Homestar Financial Corp.

Banu Venkat
Head of Risk and Audit Technology

Michael Booth, Senior Director of Sales, TigerGraph

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Michael Booth is a Senior Director of Sales for TigerGraph with more than 25 years of experience working with Analytics and Business Intelligence capabilities supporting Financial Services Organizations.

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Host Introduction

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Fireside Chat Hosted by Lacework

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Executive Discussion


Lacework was founded on a core belief: better security starts with data. We built a revolutionary behavior-based machine learning engine, supported by over 100 patents with data at its core. Designed to deliver on our vision for better, more secure clouds.


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