Custom Engagements

Whether you are looking for a full day assembly, private roundtable, or a 5 Star dinner for a memorable evening, Apex brings our expertise and extensive alliance with key industry leaders to offer you turnkey engagements. 

We specialize in listening, learning and executing. Our custom template allows you to design a program that aligns with your content, marketing plan and initiatives. After the initial consultation, you decide the level of involvement. You can be completely hands off, or highly engaged and work hand in hand with our audience recruitment team to ensure seats are filled with the right audience. With weekly updates, you can be confident our client services team will provide a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Don’t let the lack of resources hold you back. Explore the opportunity to join a trusted platform to mindshare, establish and strengthen your relationships and experience unparalleled networking. Please fill out the form below to discuss the possibilities. 

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