Tech Leaders Northeast Summit

March 30, 2021

Tech Leaders Northeast Summit

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Opening Remarks


Keynote Panel: “The Secret Sauce to the future of your Digital Transformation is your talent! – Attract, Retain and Win in 2021 and Beyond.

Moderated By:

Rahul Kumar
Director, Financial Services Strategy

Friendly’s Restaurant
Goulston & Storrs
Cemex USA
Homestar Financial
Cory Haynes
VP, Financial Services Strategy
Pete Gibson
John Arsneault
Romeo Siquijor
Walt Carter
CIO & Chief Digital Officer

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Looking for the secret sauce to creating an environment that is a game changer to attract the top talent? This session is where you will find the right ingredients to put together a winning strategy and change the agent experience for the workforce of tomorrow.

Key takeaways:

  • What is the preferred work environment?
  • How to best leverage partnerships, solutions, and tools?
  • Maximize your investment and realize true ROI.

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Keynote Presenter: “Fueling digital transformation for the modern enterprise

Curtis Salinas
Senior Director, Business Technology

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The urgency of digital transformation isn’t new–58% of CIOs cite implementing digital collaboration and workplace tools as one of their top 5 priorities for 2020–but the pandemic has only intensified the need for a digital-first workplace strategy. Learn how leading organizations are keeping their people, partners and systems more connected than ever.

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Fireside Chat: “Is Your Business on It’s A Game?

Margaret Lee
SVP & GM Digital Service and Operations Management, BMC
Greg Bukowski
Strategic CTO, BMC

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Pervasive connectivity, data proliferation, technology-led innovation, and radically different customer preferences are sparking the Fourth Industrial Revolution. BMC’s Enterprise 2025 vision predicts that every industry will experience seismic changes as people, technologies, data, devices, and an ever-expanding network converge to transform all work and life.

In order to thrive through these changes, organizations must embrace intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of the business – in short, become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

It’s the future state of business, where agile, customer centric, insight-driven service and operations teams evolve to deliver the immersive digital experiences needed to compete and succeed in the midst of persistent disruption.

Hear BMC’s SVP & GM of Digital Service and Operations Management, Margaret Lee share insights on:

  • The challenges that every company will face in an ever-shifting, disruptive world
  • How to stay competitive in a landscape of great change
  • The tenants of a successful autonomous digital enterprise
  • How to make better decisions faster with the next generation of intelligence and automation

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CXO FireSide: “Stop Intellectual Property Theft by Encrypting and Controlling Sensitive Data

GE Gas Power
GE Gas Power
Ron Arden
CTO, Fasoo
Christopher Babie
Staff Cyber Security Researcher,
GE Gas Power
Hillary Fehr
Senior Cyber Security Researcher,
GE Gas Power

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Fireside Chat Presenter: “Effective Remote Hiring Strategies

Mike Radice
Director of Recruiting
Kristen Stoller
Careers Staff Writer

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You have learned how to manage & run your business remotely, but can you recruit top talent?

Join Mike Radice, Head of Recruiting for Toptal, the world’s largest fully remote company, and Kristin Stoller, Careers staff writer at Forbes, to learn what it takes to source highly skilled talent in a remote first world.

This session will teach you how to write a job description that inspires candidates to apply for remote jobs, how to develop a remote interview path that works for both the job candidate and the company, red flags to watch for along the way, and how to onboard your new employees in a remote environment.

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Executive Vision Presenter: “A look into Cybercrime Trends, Nation State, and Ransomware Monetization Activities

Jared Phipps
Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales Engineering

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Ransomware is on the rise – there’s no doubt about that, but who is behind the attacks? And what is their motivation? Join Jared Phipps, SVP Sales Engineering at SentinelOne to find out as he takes us on a tour of the major nation-state players in cybercrime and unpicks their motivations and methods. Revealing why 70% of detections over the last year were unknown to reputation services and, crucially, what this can tell us about how criminal groups are operating. We will get his predictions on how ransomware will continue to grow and develop, and how to defend against it, because – spoiler alert – it isn’t going away.

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Fireside Chat Presenter: “A Strategy For Securing Your Everything

Laureate International Universities
Grant Asplund
Growth Technologies Evangelist, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
John McClure

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The stakes have never been higher for organizations to get cybersecurity right. There are many forces driving this sense of urgency: companies adding new cloud platforms, products, geographic regions, apps and web capabilities, not to mention securing the increasing number of remote workers because of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks, security teams are under pressure to protect organizations while under-staffed, under-equipped and under budget.

In this session, we will discuss how businesses of all sizes can adopt a modern approach to cybersecurity with a consolidated architecture that fully automates preventing attacks before enterprise systems can be breached.

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