CIO/ CISO National Virtual Banking,
Finance & Insurance Summit

November 30, 2021

CIO/ CISO National Virtual Banking, Finance & Insurance Summit

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Opening Remarks


Keynote Panel: “Drive Accountability with Cyber Risk Governance

BNP Paribas CIB Americas 
CareFirst FEPOC
Fifth Third Bank
Chris Poulin
Deputy CTO / Director of Technology and Strategy
Cyril Korenbeusser
Chief Resilience Officer
Whitney Palacios
Director Security Operations and Deputy CISO
John Podboy
SVP, Cybersecurity & Identity

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Cyber risk governance defines the guidelines for how the organization manages cyber security. Cyber risk management is the execution of the policies and procedures defined by the Governance team to implement controls, prioritize remediation, and respond to incidents. The two functions often work hand-in-hand, but in some extended businesses, the organizational hierarchy can be rather complex leading to numerous challenges for driving accountability across the business.

Many forward-thinking security leaders have opted to enforce cybersecurity performance standards across their business units, subsidiaries, or geographic teams. But what standard should be used? And how do you manage to this standard in an efficient way?

Join us for this executive roundtable discussion where we will explore the topic of driving accountability with cyber risk governance in more detail.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Different options for setting standards, and ideas for implementing
  • How Cyber Risk Quantification can be applied to drive accountability
  • How to incorporate benchmarking and peer comparisons into your standards

Key takeaways include:

  • Ideas for driving accountability across your extended organization
  • Tips for utilizing cyber risk quantification as a performance metric
  • An introduction to how Security Ratings can play a key role in your governance standards

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Keynote Presenter: “Automating Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Security Differently”

John Willis
Sr. Director, Global Transformation Office

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CXO Fireside: “Building and Maturing a TPRM Program

Third Party Risk Association
Jonathan Ehret, CISSP, CISA, CRISC
Vice President, Strategy& Risk
Julie Gaiaschi
Co-Founder and CEO

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These days it seems no organization or industry is adverse to cyber attacks. From open-source software tools to critical infrastructure, threats are coming in all shapes and sizes. It’s more critical than ever to understand the threats facing your organization from the inside and your vendor ecosystem.

Managing your digital supply chain risk does not have to be a cumbersome process. Firms can look beyond security assessments and questionnaires to ensure that their vendor network is operating securely and efficiently.

During this session, attendees will learn:

  • New methods for managing supply chain risk
  • What tools are most effective to combat vendor risk
  • How to generate key data points to make effective third-party risk decisions

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CXO Panel: “Protect Your Keys or Don’t Waste Your Time Encrypting Your Data

American Family Insurance 
Mass Mutual
Brad Beutlich
VP, Western & LATAM Sales
Kunal Bhattacharya
Director, DevSecOps
Anne Coulombe
Head of Data Protection/Data Cybersecurity

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For over 2000 years, governments, armies, businesses and lovers have been encrypting messages. For the same amount of time, the keys used to perform the encryption have been the weakest link in the chain. After 2000 years, technology has advanced such that the keys can be protected but many companies don’t understand how important it really is. We know that when dealing with new working environments, vulnerability risks and other issues, data protection is essential. Poor or inadequate key management can lead to a data breach more than a weak algorithm, and with the amount of data most businesses need to encrypt today, many keys and many encryption tools may be used. If your organization deals with confidential data – and most industries do – encryption is vital to security but key protection is even more important.

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Disrupter Presenter: “Optimizing Financial Services Data Exchange | How to Leverage Your Most Strategic Asset

Bill Fenick
Vice President, Enterprise Verticals

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IT tech leaders within the financial services industry are positioned to influence how their organizations can succeed amidst many digital transformation challenges, such as the explosion of data growth and its implications on legacy IT architecture.

A data-centric IT infrastructure that optimizes data exchange is mission critical. Implementing this strategy will allow financial services firms to defy data gravity, secure data near the customer, enforce data compliance, overcome data infrastructure barriers and ultimately leverage massive data sets as their most strategic asset.
In this presentation by Bill Fenick, Vice President, Enterprise Verticals at Digital Realty, you’ll gain:

  • A deeper understanding of why it’s important to re-think your IT architecture
  • Expert insights about the industry’s push toward data-driven digital transformation
  • Strategies designed to yield greater competitive advantages and new growth opportunities

This session will also feature Digital Realty’s Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) Optimizing Financial Services Data Exchange Strategy and Solution models that address industry-specific business challenges for banking, securities, trading & investment banking, wealth management and insurance lines of business.

Key takeaways:

  • See why data gravity forces a shift to a data-centric IT architecture, where data is at the center of the architecture and integration is the challenge
  • Learn about solutions to overcome the implications of accelerated data growth and increasing data gravity intensity globally
  • Understand how our codified strategy and solution approach to data-driven digital transformation – across all channels, business functions and points of business presence – can defy gravity, secure data near the customer, enforce data compliance and achieve AI capabilities

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CXO Panel: “How can we stay cyber-insured?”

Snap Finance
Nik Whitfield
Chairman and Chief Seer
Robert Serena
Senior Director Risk Modeling & Analytics
Upendra Mardikar
Chief Security Officer

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How do we know our controls are fully protecting us at all times?

That’s the killer question in a ransomware-ridden world where cyber moves towards becoming an uninsurable risk for some.

Measuring, comprehending and attesting to cybersecurity posture is taking over our lives as teams spend more than a 30% of their time on reporting. There are ever more interested stakeholders who demand more detailed, more regular insight into security – execs, audit, insurers, customers, the list grows.

Data quality typically falls short on completeness, timeliness, and accuracy, as teams are drowning in manual workloads and disputes.

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Closing CXO Panel: “The War on Talent: Scaling the Security Team through Developers“

US Bank/Elavon
Simon Maple
Field CTO
Steve Kinman
Field CISO
Mark Gelhardt
SVP, Global Technology Governance
Anand Pandya
Chief Data Officer
TJ Bowling
Information Security Officer

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* All Times In EST

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