Virtual CISO East Summit

May 27, 2020

Virtual CISO East Summit

With an alarming number of breaches, it is clear that the attack surface has greatly expanded. As enterprises work to develop a progressive strategy, there is an increasing need to deploy and manage a variety of advanced internal and external security services. This leaves the Chief Information Security Officer faced with a multitude of challenges to maintain and run a secure enterprise.

The CISO is at the center of the security dialogue and is ultimately responsible for the guidance and leadership of an increasingly intricate technology landscape. Given the weight of that responsibility, the search for the most transformative solutions that enable them to protect the enterprise is constant and the need to stay ahead of the curve, a must.

On May 27th, Apex Assembly will unite visionary leaders and industry security experts for a half day of content and discussion, where we will examine the challenges of 2019 and concentrate on the most pressing issues of 2020 in the information technology security sector.

Through collaboration with our executive community, we have discovered key industry challenges and trends. These topics form the foundation of the Summit and will be addressed through Panels, Disrupter sessions, and Fireside chats.

Hosted using video conferencing technology, our Virtual Summit gives executives and service providers the opportunity to engage with like-minded executives and industry leaders without having to leave their office or home.

Anyone can log in from anywhere. All you need is WiFi.

The Assembly will feature members from...

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12:00pm-12:05pm (EST)

Opening Remarks

12:05pm-12:40pm (EST)

Keynote Panel: “What are the top priorities and concerns for CIO’s & CISOs in 2020?

Moderated By:

Knights of Columbus
Karl Schoen-Rene
Senior Security Executive

Kontoor Brands
Gene Zafrin
David Levine
Sean Mack
John Scrimsher

12:45pm-1:05pm (EST)

Keynote Presenter: “Working Securely, or Working Remotely? Optimizing WFH for Security

Kurt Roemer
Chief Security Strategist

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Many longstanding organizational policies were significantly relaxed to in the first few months of 2020 to enable a global workforce to work from home. Security policies that forbid activities including taking corporate systems out of the protections of the corporate office, working with highly-sensitive information at home, extending the enterprise network to personal devices and using unapproved software have all been stretched. Even more unfortunate, the scourge of cyberattacks, phishing and ransomware have taken advantage of the situation and epically increased in intensity. It’s time to restore balance – and to begin both working remotely and working securely.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Balancing employee experience and agility with appropriate WFH usage of highly-regulated data and sensitive intellectual property.
  • Options for enhancing confidentiality, integrity, availability and safety across situations, endpoints, networks, apps – and browsers.
  • Designing for compliance, resiliency, assurance and visibility – while being continuously audit-ready.
  • Incorporating workspace policies to enable the workforce to be continuously situationally aware and contextually risk-appropriate.

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1:10pm-1:25pm (EST)

Disrupter Presenter: “A strategy for securing your everything

Grant Asplund
Chief Cyber Security Evangelist

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1:30pm-1:55pm (EST)

Fireside Chat: ” The role of the CIO/CISO during Covid-19

Andre Bromes

2:00pm-2:30pm (EST)

Thought Leadership Presentation: “Attacker Economics: The Evolution of Credential Stuffing

Adish Kasi
Senior Account Executive

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2:35pm-2:55pm (EST)

Member Think Tank: “Telehealth – Patient Security, Privacy and Compliance – It’s MORE than Just a Video Conference!

Timothy Swope

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3:00pm-3:15pm (EST)

Disrupter Presenter: “A Programmatic Approach to Cloud Security

Jason Rader
Practice Director

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In this session, we will review a cloud security reference architecture and discuss the controls that make up a comprehensive security program. We will also discuss a practical approach on where to start (or continue) your journey to securing the cloud.

  • Introduction to an open-source cloud security framework
  • How to mature your security program in reference to cloud

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3:20pm-3:35pm (EST)

Disrupter Presenter: “Tech, people, and the missing link in effective, efficient security.

Bruce Potter

Summary: “You bought all the tech. You’ve got the right people. Now what?

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CISOs and security experts share the same frustration – there’s a missing variable from this equation. Expel’s CISO, Bruce Potter, will share the story of how he discovered this missing variable and why he thinks it transforms the customer experience.

In this talk Bruce will cover:
-The intersection of technology and talent
-Why automation matters
-How to move from alerts to answers

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3:40pm-4:05pm (EST)

Closing Keynote / Fireside Chat: “Security concerns while remote working

Renee Tarun
Deputy CISO
Nasser Fattah
Managing Director – Information Security & Risk Management

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Why should I attend?

Your time is valuable and we make sure to make the most of it! We take the time to figure out your challenges and customize your experience to meet your needs. Our agendas are tailored to your feedback and we pride ourselves in covering the most cutting-edge content delivered by renowned industry experts. Look forward to building enduring partnerships and together we’ll go straight to the top.

Where is the event taking place?

The event is by invitation-only. The location will be released to all attendees once your registration has been confirmed. 

What is the dress code?

We recommend business attire. Most attendees wear suits or comparable attire. Ties are optional.

Can I bring a colleague with me?

Yes! We always urge our members to refer their colleagues! We love adding new members to the community, especially if they come highly recommended by a current member. Either have them reach out to your Apex POC or have them fill out the Member Registration Form.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

No problem! Please let your Apex POC know as soon as possible in order for us to work with the venue on providing alternate options for you at the event.

What if I want to speak at an assembly?

Apex is always looking for speakers that can contribute their valuable insight. If you would like to speak, please contact your Apex POC or fill out the Speaker Registration Form on the Assemblies page. Please keep in mind that we receive many inquiries for speaking and sessions are available on a first come first served basis. But no need to worry, we have plenty of opportunities available at future assemblies.

I plan on being in attendance, but what if something comes up and I have to cancel?

We understand that something may come up on your calendar! Before canceling with us, please know that we will have a separate room for attendees to step out for work-related activities (meetings, emails, conference calls, etc.). If you must cancel, we just ask that you let us know at least 48 hours in advance so that we can open up the waitlist for another member.


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