CIO/ CISO East Virtual Summit

December 10, 2020

CIO/ CISO East Virtual Summit

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Opening Remarks


Keynote Panel: “How the CIO, CDO & CISO view the Future of Work

Moderated By:

Sallie Wright

United States Department of Defense
Gertrude Van Horn
David Greenlee
Brian McGowan
Sr.Director & Head of Global Security (CISO)
Azher Ahmed
EVP & Chief Digital Officer


Keynote Presenter: “Navigating Enterprise Security in a Post-Compromise Reality

 John Matthews

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Every organization gets compromised – it’s how you fast you detect and respond to an incident that counts. This is especially important when you look at trends like the overnight move to remote work, the subsequent increase in phishing attacks and acceleration of cloud adoption, as well as the proliferation of enterprise IoT that have expanded the attack surface and complicated the job of security professionals. We’ll explore those trends and the opportunity that lay ahead for security teams post-compromise to prevent an event that results in an outage or an incident from becoming a full-scale data breach.

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Thought Leadership Presentation: “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste – Zero Trust in the Age of Covid

Chris Perry
Cyber Security Expert
Veteran, Army Cyber Command

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The jarring transition to work from home has immediately impacted the effectiveness of our security architecture which has most security leaders asking, “how can we do this better?” In this session we will explore the growing trend of “Zero Trust” and how the latest security best practices can be used to address the current gaps organizations are facing, in a remote work force, and why this will ultimately lead to a more resilient security posture.

Key take aways:
– Traditional security architecture is no longer sufficient for defending the IT enterprise
– The core principles of zero trust secure organizations for current and future crisis
– Effective zero trust requires extending the principles to all servers and endpoints, even legacy systems

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Disrupter Presenter: “How to Mitigate Risk in the Enterprise with Automated Penetration Testing

Patrick Guay
Vice President, North American Sales

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As the attack surface continues to grow and the number of attacks increases, there still remains
a gap when it comes to validating the effectiveness and accuracy of the enterprise’s cyber

● Enable secure business continuity on their extended networks
● Continuously validate their cyber defenses with limited on-site access
● Regularly challenge their network against the MITRE ATT & CK framework

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CXO Fireside Chat: “From Cost-Center to Business Enabler: How Cybersecurity is Changing During Covid-19

Jake Olcott
VP, Communications & Government Affairs

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These unprecedented times may usher in a new world for security and risk professionals… but are they ready? With many organizations anticipating full-time remote work and acceleration of digital initiatives, CISOs are increasingly being asked to adapt to the speed of business and demonstrate value to the organization. How can security and risk leaders adapt to the new normal? What changes must they make to their programs? How can security enable the business to succeed — moving beyond the “cost center” mindset? Join this discussion, which will explore the changing role of the security professional, the rise of quantitative measurement and metrics, and how you should be thinking about your program and relationships with executives in the months and years ahead.

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CXO Fireside Chat: “ Digital Transformation Has Never Been More Critical

Josh Mason
VP of Engineering and SaaS
Vinay Indraganti
Global Head of Digital Transformation

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What to Know and What to Do About It

Digital interactions between customers and vendors during the pandemic and redesigned supply chains, along with a massive—and unexpected—shift to remote work, have made implementing digital transformation more urgent than ever before. In this webinar, we’ll build on insights from a recent Lawless Research survey of managers and executives both inside and outside corporate IT departments to discuss companies focus on digital transformation, the emergence of no-code platforms, and the latest trends in remote work.

  • Research study and industry insights when it comes to digital transformation
  • Digital transformation trends in the era of remote work

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Executive Vision: “How AI Augments Humans: Closing Skills Gaps & Driving Executive Decisions

Mike Beck
Global CISO

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Alongside the rise of today’s dynamic workforce, the speed and scale of sophisticated cyber-attacks is rapidly increasing. As the cybersecurity industry continues to endure an ongoing skills shortage, over-worked and under-resourced teams urgently need augmentation in order to defend against evolving, sophisticated threats.

For over three years, Darktrace experts have been working to meet this challenge, investigating whether they could teach AI to think like a cybersecurity analyst. It takes subtle, nuanced skills and implicit knowledge for an analyst to detect genuinely threatening activity, and the creation of the world-first Cyber AI Analyst took analyzing over one hundred of the world’s top threat analysts and complex machine learning algorithms.

Join Mike Beck, Darktrace’s Global CISO, as he discusses the Cyber AI Analyst in action, and how the capability detected and prevented a large-scale worming attack in real time.

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CIO & CISO Closing Keynote Panel Presentation: “Accelerating Digital Growth in 2021

Moderated By:

Gina Scinta
Senior Solutions Architect
Digital Identity & Security

Goulston & Storrs
JPM Chase
John Arsneault
Mou Dasgupta
Executive Director, Digital and Platform Services Strategist
Alan Chai
Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation
Rod Aday
Director Information Risk Management & Security

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