CIO East Virtual Summit

August 12, 2020

CIO East Virtual Summit

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Opening Remarks


Keynote Panel: “Technology Trends and Challenges for CIO’s/CTO’s in 2020

Moderated by:

Steven Ferguson

Coca-Cola Company
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Teoman Buyan
CIO, Global Technology Services
Patrick Thompson
Prashant Nema
EVP & Global CIO
Gregory Johnston


Keynote Presenter: “How Technology Propels the Future of Work

Meerah Rajavel
SVP, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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The current global pandemic has shifted the paradigm and forced business leaders to rethink the future of work. Now more than ever, location is irrelevant, and evidence shows motivated workers can be as—or even more—productive and engaged if IT leaders provide the right technology capabilities along with establishing the right culture with HR and other leaders.

When work gets better, life gets better.

A recent study conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Citrix (Emerging from Digital Shock: Citrix Survey Shows IT Leaders Preparing for New Work Order) shows remote work can actually lead to higher employee engagement when technology lays the foundation for a great culture. At Citrix, this means IT partnering closely with HR to create an environment that allows for an accelerated shift to remote work while ensuring employees are physically and emotionally well while staying connected to the world around them.

To properly shift the paradigm and make remote work part of your culture you need four essential ingredients, or the Four C’s of a Great Employee Experience: Connectivity, Content, Collaboration and Culture. Without these elements working in harmony, remote work and employee experience suffer. And like anything else, employee experience and security are two sides of the same coin. A ‘zero trust’ framework or similar is key to a successful remote operation, but how do you marry this concept with a great employee experience?

Citrix has built just the right mix of flexibility and security to foster remote working. In my keynote, I’ll share how we did it so you can build an IT organization that is propelling the future of work. Because when work gets better, life gets better.

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Disrupter Presenter: ” The Importance of DDI for Enabling Strategic Initiatives

Kirk Appelman
VP & GM, North America

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DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is a cornerstone networking technology and plays a mission-critical role in accessing applications and services. It is more prominent today than ever thanks to multi-cloud and multi-device proliferation, as well as the ever-evolving security threats that conventional network security offerings find hard to combat. However, many organizations may not be utilizing DDI as efficiently as they could. Initiatives like hybrid cloud, SDN, NFV, IPv6, mobility, and IoT can be greatly enhanced by the visibility, automation and “single source of IP truth” that integrated DDI solutions bring.

In this session, we’ll cover:
– DDI as the key for scalable and stable network infrastructure
– The traits of cost effective DDI, how it supports business continuity, and how it can better secure your network
– Use cases- IoT initiatives, consolidated network architecture, homegrown solutions.

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Disrupter Presenter: “Where To Look To Save Costs: Keeping Priorities Above The Line

Alastair Pooley
Chief Information Officer, Snow Software

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With economic pressures weighing heavily on firms, IT teams must focus on reducing costs. Snow Software’s CIO, Alastair Pooley will recommend where to look first to realize rapid cost savings and rightsizing opportunities within these critical areas:

Key Takeaways:

• Enterprise applications (e.g. Oracle, SAP, IBM)
• SaaS applications
• Hybrid cloud

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CXO Panel: “The role of the CIO & CISO during Covid-19?

Moderated by:

Steven Ferguson

Georgia Lottery Corporation
Bashir Agboola
Anne Coulombe
Head of Data Protection & Data Protection Officer
Gaurav Singal


Executive Vision: “Simplify to Accelerate

Domenic Ravita
Field Chief Technology Officer

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Transforming the business requires a simplification aligned around a new operating model. IT’s challenge is aligning to this new model while grappling with its own complexities such as the exponential growth of data, the accelerating growth of cloud infrastructure, creation of ML apps, and the expansion of techniques and technologies for managing new and old data processing workloads. In this talk, MemSQL’s Field CTO, Domenic Ravita, will address these challenges and offer some solutions to consider.

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CIO & CDO Fireside Chat: “Capitalizing on Data and Analytics Across the C-Suite

Bentley Systems
Jordan Morrow
Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik
Jeff Richardson
Chief Data Officer

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The elevated need for real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions is at the forefront of every CxO’s mind, perhaps more so today than at any other time…. and the Chief Data Officer is at the center of it all.

Whether a CxO is using data from human resources or finance, the data needs to be reliable and the analysis needs to be compelling enough so decisions can be made quickly and with confidence. Join Jordan Morrow, the Global Head of Data Literacy from Qlik and Jeff Richardson, Chief Data Officer from Bentley Systems for a discussion on how every CxO can best capitalize on the use of data and analytics to drive business forward.

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Disrupter Presenter: ” The Secret to a Data-Driven Enterprise

Bryan Kirschner
VP of Strategy

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Data-driven enterprises use data and insights to fundamentally change the value proposition they offer to customers. The best among them catalyze a virtuous cycle in which more customers generate more data that is used to further enrich products and services, creating a sustainable competitive advantage. This requires orchestrating process, culture, and technology around making the most of data’s distinctive–and disruptive–economics.

Attend this session to:

Explore the key concepts that inspire data-driven enterprises
See how your organization compares with benchmark data
Learn how Apache Cassandra can accelerate your progress

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Closing Keynote Fireside Chat: “Enabling the acceleration of digital transformation before, during and after the pandemic

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
Vice President, Global Field CISO Team
Andrew Laudato
COO, The Vitamin Shoppe
James Chilton
CIO, Cengage Learning

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