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December 1, 2020

CIO Central Virtual Summit

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Opening Remarks


Keynote Panel: “Cloud Now vs Cloud First. How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s World

Moderated By:

Korn Ferry
Jeremy Cunningham
Director of Business Applications

U.S. Silica Company
Savinay Berry
Senior Vice President, Cloud Services
Siva Balu
Ken Piddington

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Information sprawl has become more complex as the workforce shifts to virtual settings and information becomes scattered across personal and corporate devices, often allowing information to sprawl beyond the corporate network. Increasingly, organizations are needing to rapidly embrace secure digital ways to do business – something the cloud enables – in order to survive, thrive and respond to changing demands and behaviors in the market.

Never has cloud played such a critical role – but businesses must switch from a gradual multi-year cloud first approach to a much more rapid “cloud now” mindset if they are to overcome the information sprawl and security challenges faced by all organizations in today’s “new reality”.

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Keynote Presenter: “Wanted: Innovation. Needed: Funding. How Your Peers are Achieving Both

Sebastian Grady

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Drive innovation while cutting costs? That’s the dueling reality for companies globally, many of which are feeling the fallout of their previously delayed and de-prioritized innovation initiatives. And while innovation is now required for the survival of many businesses, IT organizations are struggling with the competing wants of the business and the budget realities. Join us to hear how IT leaders are using a simple set of questions to reevaluate IT priorities and the actionable strategies they are implementing to reallocate capital and resources to stabilize operations and fuel innovation and growth.

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Thought Leadership: “How Technology Propels the Future of Work

Meerah Rajavel
SVP, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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The current global pandemic has shifted the paradigm and forced business leaders to rethink the future of work. Now more than ever, location is irrelevant, and evidence shows motivated workers can be as—or even more—productive and engaged if IT leaders provide the right technology capabilities along with establishing the right culture with HR and other leaders.

When work gets better, life gets better.

A recent study conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Citrix (Emerging from Digital Shock: Citrix Survey Shows IT Leaders Preparing for New Work Order) shows remote work can actually lead to higher employee engagement when technology lays the foundation for a great culture. At Citrix, this means IT partnering closely with HR to create an environment that allows for an accelerated shift to remote work while ensuring employees are physically and emotionally well while staying connected to the world around them.

To properly shift the paradigm and make remote work part of your culture you need four essential ingredients, or the Four C’s of a Great Employee Experience: Connectivity, Content, Collaboration and Culture. Without these elements working in harmony, remote work and employee experience suffer. And like anything else, employee experience and security are two sides of the same coin. A ‘zero trust’ framework or similar is key to a successful remote operation, but how do you marry this concept with a great employee experience?

Citrix has built just the right mix of flexibility and security to foster remote working. In my keynote, I’ll share how we did it so you can build an IT organization that is propelling the future of work. Because when work gets better, life gets better.

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Fireside Chat: “Capitalizing on Data and Analytics Across the C-Suite

Walker Fenton
SVP Product Management

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The power of data and analytics is profoundly having an effect on widespread change within all industries. Access and visibility into actionable data at your fingertips are now more essential in day to day functions and assists businesses in navigating organizational hazards and making tough decisions. In this Fireside Chat, we will discover just how easy a low-code platform makes it to capture and analyze data.

  • Customer insights into implementing and using a low-code platform
  • Centralized data and native mobile helps remote workers

Learn More about TrackVia

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Disrupter Presenter: “ Digital Transformation Has Never Been More Critical

Kari Nelson
Director, Product Marketing

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What to Know and What to Do About It

Digital interactions between customers and vendors during the pandemic and redesigned supply chains, along with a massive—and unexpected—shift to remote work, have made implementing digital transformation more urgent than ever before. In this webinar, we’ll build on insights from a recent Lawless Research survey of managers and executives both inside and outside corporate IT departments to discuss companies focus on digital transformation, the emergence of no-code platforms, and the latest trends in remote work.

  • Research study and industry insights when it comes to digital transformation
  • Digital transformation trends in the era of remote work

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CXO Panel: “Capitalizing on Data, Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning Across the C-Suite

Moderated By:

Bryan Tutor
Former CIO, Elbit Systems of America

Enova International
Ravi Prasad
Global VP, Digital Products & Customer Innovation
Dan Kirsche
Head of Engineering
Dr. Prakriteswar Santikary
Global Chief Data Officer


Fireside Chat: “How Cloud is Transforming Digital Transformation

Karl Spangler
Senior Director Cloud Services
Dalia Powers
SVP – Platform Innovation & Engineering, Digital Health, and Analytics


Closing Keynote Panel: “Enabling the acceleration of digital transformation before, during and after the pandemic

Moderated By:

William Chia
Senior Product Marketing Manager

The Michaels Companies, Inc.
Ken Rundus
Technology Director
Nathan Kimpel
SVP Technology
Gertrude Van Horn

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